ROMA makes charitable Christmas donation

“Musicians for a Better Life” runs music projects for children and adolescents in social hot spots in various countries. The shared language of music brings people from various ethnic and social backgrounds together. The goal is to introduce structures and networks among musicians internationally and have music serve as the basis for lasting development work.

Why music? Children who make music are motivated to go to school. They feel proud when they can sing something to others, learn to play an instrument, or get involved as musicians performing works on stage. They experience success. Through music, children and adolescents find their own identity, develop self-esteem and learn to take responsibility for themselves and for others.

The music lessons are given free of charge by German music students, the founder and music educators. This ensures a very high level of music education in the project. Music instruments are donated. This project shows the extent to which the motto “music knows no borders” can be turned into reality.